Expedo – HR SaaS Product


Expedo (now named Exemplo) – Hire, Onboarding, Payroll, HR Workflows, Course and Contract Creator, Contractor Timesheets

My Role

I was responsible for implementing UX enhancements across various areas of the Expedo platform, including the worker and HR experience for onboarding new workers, the process for a HR manager creating and tracking an onboarding and improving the interface and process for various content creation applications such as creating contracts of engagement, worker courses and HR workflows.


I worked with PMs and senior management to understand the product goals, the painpoints for HR managers and workers using the product and workshopped possible solutions to overcome these problems, using various forms of testing and preparing user flows to reflect a streamlined UX. I prepared all UI and UX requirements to be implemented by the development team and successfully implemented a new worker onboarding process, made improvements to the HR platform for tracking an onboarding and implemented a new content creation platform for creating courses and contracts.

Course Creator

A new feature that Expedo introduced for HR managers was the ability to create a course through the Expedo platform and to assess users on their success in taking the course. This was a greenfields product, and I worked closely with the Product Head to scope key product features and UX flows.

I prepared research to determine key functionality offered by other course content creator tools available in the market, and user research to determine key features that would be the most useful for HR/Learning and Development personell.

I prepared feature maps to facilitate discussions on the functionality and UX features that we wanted to implement in the Expedo course creator. I prepared wireframes used to experiment with formatting ideas, and ultimately prepared the final UI screens for handover to development.

The feature allows HR managers to create courses on any topic, create assessments on those topics, in various formats (free text multiple choice etc) for use in the workplace to help implement L&D initiatives in the workplace.


Successful launch of the new course creator, for use as part of the Expedo suite of products.

Onboarding – Worker and HR flows

I conducted a review of the existing worker and HR onboarding flows to determine areas for UX enhancement.

For HR, the steps required to set up a new employee/worker, create a contract, and any position specific requirements or training, is quite involved, and requires many steps. Similarly, for the worker, there are many steps required as part of onboarding, prior to commencing work on their first day. The objective was to streamline the process and provide a great first impression for new workers about to begin a new engagement.

The worker onboarding consists of a completely digital process of entering into employment or a contractor agreement: signing the contracts of engagement, uploading various personal details to enable the employer to set up payroll, such as bank account details, superannuation details, TFN, working rights. It also includes review and acknowledgement of various employer policies and other legal requirements for contract engagement. In addition, there are specific items which may be relevant to a role, such as mandatory licences or other qualifications which need to be verified.

The worker onboarding process is designed to digitise all of these steps, so that on day one of the worker’s engagement, they are ready to begin work, and all of the necessary formalities and paperwork have already been completed.

My Approach

I prepared various user flows, encapsulating all onboarding steps, from the worker side, as well as the HR side.

A key focus on the HR side were the various steps where an onboarding flow could stall, and introducing automated alerts to provide the relevant information to HR manages in a timely manner, so that they could follow up where required, and could be kept updated on all steps throughout the process.

I prepared wireframes and all final UI requirements for the new screens, and the new onboarding flows were successfully updated and implemented as part of the Expedo suite of products.

As part of the worker onboarding process, I also designed a new worker dashboard (below), containing all pay, leave, tasks and corporate communications, for use in ongoing employment, with the ability to white label this for individual corporate use.