TrendVision, Monaco

Each year, WELLA hosts the TrendVision Award, which is an international event showcasing hairdressing talent from all over the world.

My Role

I was involved in developing and executing full production of the TrendVision 2014 event held in Monaco, along with the digital microsite of Trend Reveal 2015 for the new season launch. This included :

• the creative concept for the event;

• design and organisation of catwalk shows, signage and other visual elements of the event;

• media production of the event including the microsite;

• wireframes and final designs for the WELLA TrendVision microsite to broadcast the event live;

• microsite for the new season’s Trend Reveal 2015.


Our agency was awarded the EuBau Award for Best European B2B Event, which is a testament to the success of the design and execution of the WELLA TrendVision 2014 event.

TrendVision Microsite

My Role

I prepared wireframes and final designs for the WELLA TrendVision microsite to broadcast the event live.


Given the exclusive nature of the TrendVision industry event, it was crucial that all elements of the online broadcasting of the event engaged a wider audience, so that WELLA could optimise its brand presence, not only within the hairdressing industry, but to a wider B2C audience.


The aim of the TrendVision microsite was to extend the event’s reach to the end consumer and we enabled this through live broadcasting of the event and the People’s Choice award was determined through the online voting function.

We designed the microsite to bring the experience into the viewer’s home and enabled the user to engage with the event through social media.

Trend Reveal Microsite

My Role

I designed wireframes and final UI designs for the digital campaign and post-production of the reveal of the new Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter looks for 2015. This was launched at the WELLA Trend Reveal, a part of the TrendVision Monaco 2014 event.

I worked with photographers to produce graphics for the online launch and prepared responsive web layout designs for the WELLA microsite.


In order to boost user engagement, the user was able to interact with and personalise their experience of the Trend Reveal catwalk show by ‘bookmarking’ favourite looks and creating their own Style Book. Each style linked to the relevant WELLA product range, to enhance and promote the WELLA brand.