WorkScore – HR SaaS platform


WorkScore – A SaaS product for HR managers to assess wellbeing and engagement levels in the workplace with the platform displaying results, trends, insights and recommendations for business to be able to implement wellbeing and engagement strategies at work to boost workplace performance.

My Role

I was engaged as lead UX/UI designer on this greenfield project to launch to market the HR platform, as well as the employee platform for individuals to be able to view their results, and track their progress over time.


I was responsible for the overall user experience and design of WorkScore’s wellbeing software along with a re-branding and redesign of the company website.

• User research from competitor analysis, sales process, onboarding process to launch workplace wellbeing/engagement platform for two user groups: individual user dashboard and corporate/HR dashboard

• UX/UI design for display of both dashboards, including wellbeing score and engagement results and complex data analysis and reporting tools

• Initial scoping, design and implementation of gamified ‘goals’ feature that allows users to set various wellbeing goals, to drive engagement

• Mental health platform – responsibility for scoping of product through to final UX and UI design

• Design of wellbeing blog and driving content to individual wellbeing dashboard – both to employee and employer dashboards.

• Detailed infographics for various health and wellbeing reports

• Enhancements of wellbeing questionaire based on user research

• Re-design of corporate website / A/B testing for ongoing improvement


Successful launch of workplace wellbeing dashboards to corporate customers and improved overall UX with high engagement rates.

Goals Feature

As part of the enhanced UX for the WorkScore wellbeing dashboard, I designed a new goals feature to drive engagement with the product and to motivate users to improve their wellbeing score.

Based on user feedback, the goal was to empower employees to make positive changes in their lifestyle choices and habits. The existing regular mini-quiz was engaging some users but other users wanted to have more control over their wellbeing journey.

I prepared initial scoping, wireframes, user journey mapping through to final UI design and testing. The enhancements included display of a person’s highest and lowest scoring responses, tips for improvement, the ability to set a goal to improve an aspect of wellbeing, and the ability to track goals progress over time. The goals feature resulted in a 35% uptake within the first month of its launch.

Sales Website

After launching two new dashboard designs, the mental health platform and refining WorkScore’s process and strategy, it was time to reflect this in a new website design. The navigation and site structure needed reviewing because it was difficult for two user groups (individuals and corporate clients) to navigate and the business wanted a heavier focus on sales. The challenge was also to integrate new pages with old website pages, as not all pages were to be redesigned.


I scoped the website requirements, prepared copy and all final UI and interaction design components of the pages, ready for development. The aim was to showcase WorkScore’s enhanced wellbeing dashboards, by designing a new WorkScore Company home page, Product page, Solutions page and Mental Health Platform page. As part of this, it was necessary to restructure the IA so that the navigation bar spoke to two user groups: ‘Individuals’ and ‘Businesses’ to streamline relevant pages for each user group.


Successful launch of new website pages, driving more traffic to WorkScore’s website with greater conversion rates. Ongoing A/B testing around calls to action for continued enhancements.